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It’s coming! Walk through Virtual Reality Videos

Take a look at this preview of what’s now under development to make Virtual Reality videos so completely immersive that you can walk through the scene, rather than just watch it from one vantage point. It’s called Volumetric Holographic 6DOF Video.

The company HypeVR is working to to united 360 video with their depth-mapped, volumetric video system to allow VR users to move in, out and around the scene.

Volumetric Holographic 6DOF Video

Ted Schilowitz says, as he demonstrates this technology in the video below, “If you think about the future of what video can be, within the platforms of VR, AR, and a depth-sensing device, which of course is going to go mass-consumer, mass-market, the idea of just static, normal video is the past. The idea of dynamic, volumetric video — that’s the future.”

In the video of his demonstration, he shows that he can literally walk down to the beach that his team filmed, look down at the rocks, look up to the beach, continue walking to look at the waterline there, and even drop down and view it as if sitting on the beach.

He says, “So as I look at what we’re going to create in the future of what video should be and can be, it shouldn’t just be a static thing. Even if it’s a 360 thing, we don’t want to be tacked in space.” In other words, we will to be able to move through it dynamically, fully immersed in the virtual environment.

As you watch his demonstration, imagine what can be done with this technology to give people the opportunity to (for example) walk through a church, pray at each of the Stations of the Cross, kneel at the Tabernacle to listen to a guided meditation about Christ’s love, and maybe even sit with the choir to join them in song.

What are some of the uses you can envision?


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