Can you trust God?

Can you trust God?

A 10-minute Virtual Reality Retreat

Can you trust God? Really, truly trust God? That’s the question addressed in the message of this VR video. Terry Modica shares a personal story of learning to trust God, based on Matthew 6:26.  Trusting God comes from understanding that he truly cares. Often, we unconsciously expect God to treat us the way humans have. This is the source of our distrust. Hearing stories of how God has proven to be trustworthy to others can give us the strength and renewal we need to trust God again and to keep going.

When viewing on a tablet or phone, click the full-screen icon. This activates your device’s ability to see the video at its best. Stand up and turn around to look around the scene.

Usually, the hardest times to trust God are when we conscientiously choose to rely on him for very important situations and yet he doesn’t do what we think he should do.

sometimes our faith falls apartIs there a mountain of a problem that you’ve asked him to move?

Do you need to find your way through a difficult situation and you’re depending on him to part the waters so you can walk through it okay?

And yet, God seems silent and unmoving, unhelpful. Have you cried out to him, seeking answers to why? “Why aren’t You doing anything about this yet, O God?!!”

Have you tried letting go of your expectations and even your dreams and goals, believing that God has a better way, and now you’re wishing he’d hurry up and reveal what that better way looks like and how to reach it — but the answers aren’t coming?

Do you know, truly know, that God is on your side? And Jesus is by your side, never leaving you, always caring about you and even valuing your hopes and dreams!

Be blessed by the music video below. The Holy Spirit wants to minister to you through it.